This section covers the activities currently available at the Club. The Club also organizes a wide range of sports, social and cultural occasions. These will be announced closer to the event. Please remember to check with your
doctor before taking part in any physical activity, particularly if you have been ill or inactive for a long time.
Gymnastics L2
Trampoline and floor routine provide an exciting workout! Stretching, jumping and tumbling are part of our three gymnastics classes. Gymnastics is a fun way to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and body awareness. Partner skills and stunts will be taught and expanded upon for those who progress to more advanced skills. 
Roger Aad
2013-present: Head of Sports Department at Eastwood College, Mansourieh  
2011-present: Teacher at Antonine University, Baabda
2008-present: Private Fitness Training
2011-2013: Gymnastics Coach at Performance first gym, baabda
2009-2013: PE Teacher at St joseph school, Charite, Zouk Mekayel
2009-present: Gymnastics Coach at Jeeta Country Club 
2009-present: Head Supervisor at Summer Camp Rouge et Bleu
2007-present: Gymnastics Coach at Baabda Yarz Club
2007-2011: Gymnastics and Trampoline Coach at Summer Camp Rouge et Bleu
2007-2009: Gymnastics Coach at County Lodge Bsalim Club
2006-2012: Gymnastics Coach at Karmelite School
2006-2012: Gymnastics Coach at Notre Dame de Paix School
2005-2009: Gymnastics and Trampoline Coach at Mont la salle School
2005-2009: Gymnastics and Trampoline Coach at Summer Camp Mont La Salle
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