Social Commitment
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Step Together
Our mission is to provide a viable learning, living and working environment for individuals with special needs that educate, inspire and enhance each student's life. Step Together offers an international, innovative and rich array of programs, inspired by Rudolf Steiner that nurture the heart, soul, and mind of every unique individual with special needs. Step Together utilizes a holistic approach to therapeutic education and is part of an international movement for social change.

The holistic integrated and therapeutic vocational curriculum is a path of learning that engages the hand, heart & head. It has been practices in many countries as it follows Rudolf Steiner's principles of education and is mostly adapted from the work of the Ruskin Mill Educational Trust. It includes the medical, the therapeutic and the ecological aspects (nature and environment).

Step Together & Alyarz Work Environment Project:
  • The new work environment for adults with special needs.
  • Workshops in this environment relates natural craft as it has proven to develop not only independence but also personal, emotional and social skills.
  • Through a holistic, person centered approach, adults with special needs embark on a journey of transformational and therapeutic work.
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