Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Alyarz Leisure Club. If your question is not answered here or you would like additional information, please refer to our Club Rules or email us at General Information.

What is the Objective of the Club?

The objective of the Club is to heighten the quality of life of its Members by creating an environment and facilities conducive to that aim. The Club provides its Members with sports, recreational and social activities.

Who owns the Club?

The Club is owned by Alyarz sal (Company Registration 51764) which manages it through its Board of Directors.

How do I join the Club?

Contact Rania Matta, our Membership Administrator on 05-924900 or send her an email to Membership Enquiries

Who can benefit from my Membership?

If married, your spouse and unmarried children become automatic Members of the Club.

If single, you may either designate your immediate family, i.e. parents and unmarried siblings or "adopt" two independent persons to become Members of the Club.

What is the Club's policy on foreign nationals?

Please refer to Foreign Subscriptions.

What are the guidelines concerning Guests?

Guests shall be accommodated whenever possible as long as, in Management’s opinion, this does not infringe on Members' enjoyment of the Club.

The inviting Member must be present upon the Guest's access to the Club and during his/her whole stay.

Can the Club accomodate Lebanese nationals visiting Lebanon for short stays?

Lebanese persons visiting Lebanon for under 3 months per year are accepted as Foreign Subscribers.

What about Guests to the Club’s Food and Beverage facilities?

Except for preplanned events, the Club generally welcomes F&B Guests outside rush hours. For further details, please contact our F&B manager, Mr. Awad Hawchar (70 500019 or 05 924900 – Ext 39).

Do Members living abroad pay the full yearly fees?

Members living abroad for 9 months or more in the year benefit from a special reduction on their yearly operational expenses. Documents referring to their foreign residency will need to be presented.

How do I communicate my thoughts and suggestions concerning the Club?

Members' suggestions are always welcome.

You may either drop us a written note in the box by the Activity Desk, or send an email via the Contact Us section. Suggestions are treated with total discretion.
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