Club Rules
Our Club Rules are designed to promote a fairer, safer, and more enjoyable experience for Club Members and their Guests.
Internal Club Rules

1- Internal Club Rules

a. The Club is governed by the present rules and their amendments, which apply to all persons 
present on its premises.
b. Various notices, which are published periodically on Club billboards, form an integral part of these rules.     
c. Infringement may lead to Membership suspension or expulsion.

2- Members

a. Any person whose application for Membership has been accepted by the Club, is a Member of the Club.
b. Members are divided into three categories: 
  • Primary Members are holders of either:
  • A Share in Alyarz s.a.l.
  • A Silver Membership (25-year Membership).  
  • Derived Members (spouse and children of a Primary Member).  
  • Foreign Subscribers (including Lebanese persons living abroad for 9 months or more in the year).

3- Married Primary Members

a. The spouse and unmarried children of a Primary Member are automatic Members of the Club.  
b. Married Primary Members who are without children, may apply for the adoption of a third person in the Membership.  
c. Management must be notified of changes in family status as soon as this takes place. 
d. Parents of Junior Members must be present whenever their children are at the Club, and must take particular care in ensuring they are well behaved, and out of danger’s way. They must also ensure their children do not leave Club grounds on their own.

4- Single Primary Members

a. Unmarried Primary Members may either designate their immediate families (parents and unmarried siblings) 
to become Members of the Club, or “adopt” two unrelated single Lebanese nationals.
b. One person, among the Primary Member and the adoptees, must be of the female gender. 
c. “Adopted” persons must be presented in writing and approved by Management.
d. Approval is granted on a yearly basis, and may be renewed subject to Management approval. 
e. The Primary Member will in all cases be fully responsible for the persons he introduces into the Club.

5- Non-Resident Primary Members 

a. Primary Members residing abroad for 9 months or more per year can apply for the non-resident status.
b. Non-Resident Primary Members, will benefit from a reduction on their Operational Expenses, as determined annually by Management.
c. Proof of non-residence will be required.
d. Primary Members living abroad may assign their Membership rights, on a yearly basis, to a third party, subject to Management’s acceptance and the payment of the applicable fee.

6- Living-In

a. A Primary Member may designate one person permanently living in his / her residence, to receive Member privileges. 
b. The designated person must be presented in writing and approved by Management on a yearly basis. New persons may not be introduced during the course of the year.
c. A Living-In fee, will be paid yearly in advance.

7- Foreign Members and non-permanent Lebanese Residents

a. This category covers:
  • Foreign Nationals temporarily residing in Lebanon.
  • Lebanese Nationals residing overseas for 9 months or more per year. 
  • Lebanese Nationals residing in Lebanon for the temporary period of their work contract.    
b. Acceptance of Foreign Members is at Management’s discretion.
c. Necessary documentation will need to be presented.

8- Membership Cards

a. Members will be issued with individual Membership cards, which must be presented to gain entry into the Club.  
b. Membership cards must be carried at all times inside the Club.
c. Any Member who declines to present a valid Membership card will be refused entry to the Club. 
It is of no relevance whether the Member concerned is personally known to Access attendants.
d. Gaining, or attempting to gain, access to the Club via a counterfeit card or one belonging to another Member, constitutes an outrageous offence which makes the parties involved liable to legal proceedings.
e. Management must be informed of lost or stolen Membership cards as soon as possible. 
Any damage arising from the use of such a card will be the sole responsibility of the Member.
f. The issue of a replacement card entails the payment of a fee.

9- Operational Expenses

a. Operational Expenses represent the costs incurred by the Club for keeping its extensive facilities operational and ready for use by Members. These expenses are incurred regardless of the presence of the Member orthe frequency of usage of Club facilities. 
b. Operational Expenses are due by the Primary Member.  
c. Operational Expenses and the period covered by them are stipulated periodically by Management. 
d. Operational Expenses will only apply to the one Membership which covers Club access.  
e. The right of Club entry to Members with due and unpaid accounts will be suspended.
f. Overdue Expense accounts may be subject to a penalty. 
g. Operational Expenses cover, by way of example, the maintaining, repairing, and purchasing of the following machinery, equipment, and services:
  • Generators, elevators, boilers. 
  • Heating, ventilating and cooling units.
  • Piping and sewage.
  • Telephone exchanges.
  • Water and fuel tanks.
  • Ducting and chimneys.
  • Specialized equipment and machinery.
  • Aluminum and wooden doors, windows.  
  • Painting and waterproofing.
  • Office furniture and fittings, equipment, stationery, computers and printers.
  • Electrical boards, cabling and equipment.
  • Furniture including event chairs, tables and lighting. 
  • Fire-fighting equipment.
  • Cleaning equipment of all types.
  • Maintaining and repairing of facilities including pools, sports halls, conference rooms,  playgrounds, indoor and outdoor car parks, gardens, walls and shafts.
  • Creating new outdoor and indoor spaces, including gardens and halls, as well as installing useful equipment. 
  • Demolition and replacement of facilities. 
  • Oils, fuels, and filters.
  • Means of communication; fixed and mobile phones, emails, internet, messaging.
  • Printing of books, forms and brochures.
  • Taxes, fees, levies and penalties.
  • Permit fees.
  • Insurance policies. 
  • Salaries and wages.
  • Contracted services, from safety & security to maintenance of equipment and machinery, to audit and law firms.
  • Decorative works. 

10- Transfer of Shares

a. Due expenses must be settled before submitting a share transfer application. 
b. The acquisition of a share is subject to an administration fee.
c. The acceptance of new Members will in all cases be subject to management approval.

11- Club Access

a. Only cardholders who have paid their fees are allowed access into the Club
b. Personal employees of Members, like chauffeurs, or bodyguards can only access the car parks.  
c. Access may be granted to nannies accompanying junior Members under 5 years of age. They are not allowed to use any Club facilities.

12- Guests

a. Guests shall be accommodated whenever possible as long as their presence does not infringe on Members' enjoyment of the Club. 
b. The inviting Member must be present upon the Guest’s access to the Club and during his/her whole stay.
c. The number of Guests each Member can invite and the number of times the same Guest may use the Club are published periodically.
d. Introducing Members are fully responsible and personally liable for their Guests and have a duty to ensure they comply with Club Rules.
e. No person whose application for Membership has been declined or who has been denied access to the Club shall be admitted as a Guest.
f. Guest fees are payable in advance.

13- Guests to Food and Beverage Facilities

a. Except for preplanned events, the Club generally welcomes Guests, outside rush hours.
b. Members must announce, in advance, to the F&B manager, the names of their Guests, and their suggested time of arrival.
c. Guests are only welcome to the food and beverage facilities, and cannot use other Club facilities or sit in the wet areas surrounding the pools.

14- Health, Safety and Security

a. Members are encouraged to obtain medical advice before engaging in any physical activity.
b. Members may not access the Club if they happen to be suffering from contagious diseases.
c. Management may refuse any person who it believes is unfit, to partake in specific activities.
d. Management reserves the right to access lockers as necessary for hygiene or security purposes. 
e. Management may establish various measures, including the installation of CCTV cameras and the detailed search of vehicles and personal property.

15- Committees

a. In order to further promote the efficient running of the Club, Management may designate committees with specific powers and functions.  
b. Management may also delegate various responsibilities to persons or organizations of its choice.

16- Supervised Activities

a. The Club will offer activities supervised by professional instructors. 
b. A fee will be paid upon registering for a particular activity. 
c. Activity fees are determined by Management and paid in advance

17- Reservations

a. Each Member can reserve activities as periodically advised by Management.    
b. A Member must arrive on time in order to take advantage of a reservation. If not, the reservation will be treated as cancelled and the activity will become available to other Members.
c. A Member unable to meet a reservation must inform the Club of the cancellation as early as possible to free the activity to other Members.
d. Members who, in Management’s opinion, do not honour their reservations may see their right to make reservations temporarily or permanently withdrawn.

18- Tennis Regulations

a. Reservations are strongly recommended.
  • Reservations normally open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Courts can be booked up to one week in advance.
  • Reservations are only made by the playing Member.
  • A maximum of three hours can be booked per call/week.
  • Up to two hours can be booked per reservation.
  • Play may continue if the hour following the booked session is free.
  • Members can access free courts without reservation.
b. Timings: Please be punctual both at the beginning and the end of your session.
  • If early, do not go on the court before your session starts.
  • Reservations are held for 15 minutes from the start of the session, after which the court becomes available to other Members.
  • The court must be vacated immediately the booked hour is over.
c. Cancellations: If an emergency causes you to cancel a reservation, please notify the Club as soon as possible so as to make court available for other Members. Courts may be cancelled as follows:
  • If booked for morning / noon play (up to 12:00), by 9:00 pm the previous day.
  • If booked for afternoon / evening play (play starting 1:00 pm -till closing), up to 4 hours in advance.
 Repeated cancellations will cause reservation rights to be temporarily suspended or permanently withdrawn.
d. Dress Code: Tennis courts can only be accessed by those wearing an appropriate outfit, including shoes with non-marking soles.
e. Fees: Members pay no court fee. Guests will only pay standard Club invitation. Coach fees are paid direct to the coach.
f. Guests: Guests are welcome to play along with the inviting Member but may not use the services of Club coaches. 

19- Lockers

a. Day lockers: These lockers are for the use of Members while at the Club.  They must be left empty
and clean for use by other Members. 
b. Permanent lockers: These are available for rent by Members who have their exclusive use for the duration of the rental period. 
c. No perishable items or used clothes may be kept in a locker overnight. 
d. Members will be held responsible for any damage caused to the lockers while in their care.
e. Members who do not return their Locker keys before leaving the Club will be charged a lock replacement fee.
f. Children aged seven or above can only access lockers reserved for their gender.  
g. Lockers are designed to hold clothes and sports gear and not expensive personal items. Management will not be responsible for items lost or stolen anywhere in the Club, including the lockers. 

20- Car Parks

a. The acceptance of vehicles into the car parks is at Management’s sole discretion.
b. Vehicles may only be parked in the areas designated for this purpose.
c. Motorbikes may only be parked in allocated areas. 
d. Vehicles must be driven in full compliance of the displayed traffic signs. 
e. The use of car horns is strictly prohibited.
f. Vehicles may not be parked overnight.
g. Members’ vehicles must display a valid car sticker (vignette) on the driver’s side of the windscreen.
h. Persons who fail to comply with car park regulations will be barred from using the car park.
i. Management will not be held responsible for damage to vehicles or theft of personal property.

21- Protection of Standards

a. All are required to respect each other’s right to enjoy the Club, not to misuse or abuse Club facilities, and not to endanger their own or others’ safety.
b. Courtesy must prevail at all times between Club Members and towards members of Staff.
c. All are required to dress in keeping with the tone of the Club, its family atmosphere, and in a manner appropriate to the chosen activity. 
d. All are expected to be civil in manners, actions and language.
e. A Member will indemnify or make good any damage of Club property caused by abuse or negligence. 
f. Management reserves the right to expel any person from Club premises if in its sole opinion Club 
standards are not being upheld.
22- Members' Property

a. Management will dispose of personal property found and unclaimed within a month. 
b. Members may not deposit, however briefly, any item for safe-keeping with staff Members.  

23- Disclaimer

a. Management does not accept any responsibility arising from the loss or damage to private property, nor from the misuse of equipment or facilities.
b. Parents or guardians will be responsible for accidents occurring to children under their care.

24- Miscellaneous

a. The Club reserves the right to restrict the use of certain facilities for maintenance or special events.
b. Club Members may not give instructions or direct blame to any member of Staff. 
c. Complaints, criticisms, and suggestions, must be in writing, signed and addressed to Club Management. They may also be deposited in the suggestion box at Reception.
d. No business activity of any kind, including sports training, whether paid or unpaid, can be undertaken without prior written consent of Management.
e. Gambling is not allowed.
f. Meetings of a political nature are prohibited.
g. Smoking and alcohol are expressly prohibited for under-age persons. 
h. Personal music equipment are only allowed if fitted with earphones. 
i. No food and beverage may be brought into the Club.
j. Pets may not be brought into the Club without prior permission. 
k. No person can introduce any kind of weapon into the Club even when in possession of a valid permit. 
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